Introducing Japanese Cosplayer Vol.3 “Numano Nuko”


Hello there everyone, I’m Ryusei.
Today, I’ll be introducing a cosplayer named ” Numano Nuko” who does the character that I prefer to say my kind of type. I’ve been following her on twitter for a quite of time and I surely can say I am enjoying her posts!! Why don’t we take a look??


Cosplay Gallery



Ahh a very active cosplay of a character from Kemono Friends. The character itself speaks from this picture.




Mmmm…….now I was astonished when I saw this. Miyamori Aoi’s cosplay!!!! (character from the anime SHIROBAKO)


So many cosplays of the anime Girls un Panzer, and from here I can say my favorite is pepperoni.



This is a photo of her participating at TGS (Tokyo Game Show) as a official guest!!




How was it?? I guess you’re surprised on how wide her genre of cosplays are. I’d love to share more of her fabulous pictures of her cosplays but I’ll let you to enjoy that when you go check her twitter account out so if you found any interest in her activities, then feel free to follow her on Twitter (I’ll leave the description below) and I’ll see you on my next article!! Thanks!!



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I'm a 17 year old otaku girl living in Japan!
I'm trying to send out various otaku information to people overseas, so if you'd like to follow me on SNS!

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