Happy Birthday Frederica!!!


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| Today’s the day!!

Hey guys how’s it going?? Today I’d like to announce the birthday of one of my favorite character in Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls, Frederica Miyamoto!!! To me, she is the fist character to use in the game and not just only she was the first character to use but she was super cute and there was something to me that I simply couldn’t resist liking her in the game. Well here we are celebrating her birthday so let’s move on to how other fans are reacting to this event shall we??

| Fan Reactions

Here I will introduce some of the tweets on Twitter showing the reactions from fans. There will be some illustrators as well so keep your eye’s peeled!!




| That’s about it!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed celebrating with me and if you want to find more fan reactions on Twitter, then type in #宮本フレデリカ生誕祭 (you can just copy this and paste it) and you’ll find more of what the fans are actually doing for her celebration!! Thanks for reading this and don’t forget to share this on Twitter or Facebook!! That’s all for now and I’ll see you on my next article!!

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