Introducing the model locations in Yamanashi Prefecture that appeared in the Laid-back Camp Part1


A new kind of girls’ story about the outdoors and girls. The animation depicts the loose outdoor experiences and daily lives of high school girls in Yamanashi Prefecture, along with the beautiful nature of Yamanashi.

|What is Laid-back Camp

Laid-back Camp” is an outdoor manga serialized in “Manga Time Kirara Forward” (Houbunsha). Set in Yamanashi Prefecture, it is a popular work that loosely depicts high school girls camping and going about their daily lives. Based on the original author Afro’s own outdoor experiences and interviews, the camping know-how and the beauty of Yamanashi’s nature have become popular and continue to expand the fan base.

|Story of Laid-back Camp

Nadeshiko Kakamigahara, a high school girl who has moved from Shizuoka to Yamanashi, rides her bicycle to Lake Motosu to see “Mt. When Nadeshiko almost falls asleep and gets lost on her intended day trip, she is rescued by Shima Rin, a high school girl who was camping alone. Nadeshiko is rescued by Shima Rin, a high school girl who was camping alone. Her encounter with Rin leads her to fall in love with camping…

If you want to see more details about the story and the characters, please read the following articles.

|Trailer of Laid-back Camp

Relaxing music and vast nature. An animation of a girl with a gentle impression will take away the fatigue of work.

|Introduction to model sites in Yamanashi Prefecture

After each episode of “Laid-back Camp” airs, we’ll introduce the holy places (model places) in Yamanashi Prefecture where the show takes place, as well as tourist information in the surrounding areas!

■Official Illustration

浩庵キャンプ場 本栖湖(Koan Campground Lake Motosu)

Koan Campground, where Nadeshiko and Rin met for the first time
The Koan Campground is popular for its panoramic view of both Mt. Fuji and Lake Motosu.
“Fuji, which is also the picture on the thousand-yen bill.

JR身延線 内船駅(Utsubuna Station, JR Minobu Line)

Utsubuna Station, where Nadeshiko commutes to her high school.
Utsubuna Station is where the limited express train “Fujikawa” stops, and is read as “Utsubuna”.
It is the nearest station to the site of the Nanbu-no-Himatsuri (fire festival) held every year on August 15.

笛吹川フルーツ公園(Fuefukigawa Fruit Park)

Those sweets Chiaki has in both hands look so good!
You can enjoy a variety of fruits, flowers and trees throughout the year.
It has been selected as one of the three best night views in Japan, and at night you can see the night view of the Kofu Basin.

Due to renovation work at the Fruit Plaza, a temporary store next to the information desk at the entrance square is currently open.
Fruit Plaza facility renovation work (scheduled): November 6, 2017 (Monday) to February 15, 2018 (Thursday).

身延橋(Minobe Bridge)

This is a large bridge over the Fuji River, one of the three largest rapids in Japan.
It is close to Minobu Station and Shonin Street, so on a sunny day
On a nice day, you may want to relax while watching the flow of the Fuji River.

浩庵キャンプ場 本栖湖(Koan Campground Lake Motosu)

■”Laid-back Camp” The model location that appeared in the first episode

Koan Campground, where Nadeshiko and Rin met for the first time
The Koan Campground is popular for its panoramic view of both Mt. Fuji and Lake Motosu.
“Fuji, which is also the picture on the thousand-yen bill.

Shima Rin headed to the Koan Campground by Lake Motosu with her bicycle (minivelo) fully loaded with camping gear.
Unfortunately, there were clouds hanging over Mt.

RIN: “Can’t you see it well with the clouds today?

Rin loaded up her bicycle (Mini-Velo) with camping gear and headed uphill on Prefectural Road 300, Motosu-michi (also known as Koshu Iroha-zaka), toward Lake Motosu in the midst of the autumn leaves. After passing through the Nakanokura Tunnel…

The first time we met was when we saw Nadeshiko Kakamigahara sleeping on a bench in front of the restroom in front of the Koan Campground.

Rin: “That one’s sure to catch a cold.

Reception for camping at Koan
Rin: “Please stay overnight until tomorrow.

To the campground by Lake Motosu
(From here on, only campers who have completed registration can visit.

Nanbu Bridge
This bridge spans the Fuji River, one of the three largest rapids in Japan.
It looks like it would be nice to cross it on a bicycle like Nadeshiko.

Nadeshiko, who had moved to Yamanashi, rode her bicycle to Uchifune Station via Nanbu Bridge to go to her high school.

Curry Men with Fuji-san
When you come to Koan Campground, you can’t go wrong with curry noodles!
They are sold at the Koan campground reception desk.
Even if you can’t stay overnight, you can visit the campground as a day camper and eat curry noodles by Lake Motosu while looking at Mt.
Please gather pine cones and firewood and enjoy them over a bonfire.

■ “Laid-back Camp” The model location that appeared in the second episode

Fumotoppara (Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
Campsite where Nadeshiko visits Lynn who is solo camping.
An amazing campground with a liberating view of Mt.

Shima Rin also goes on a solo camping trip by bicycle in the second episode.

The campsite Lynn went to was the Foothills Campground in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

We went to the reception desk and received a map of the site and a permit.

Lynn looks out over the vast campground that we can see as we look for a place to set up our tent.

Rin: “It’s so liberating!

Rin: “Are you a lion? Are you a lion?

Food and drink information related to the second episode broadcast

Kikyo Shingen Mochi

Episode 2 Heya-Chan

The three members of the wild circle were enjoying eating Kikyo Shingen Mochi!
It’s a standard souvenir from Yamanashi.
Chiaki: “Rejoice, you guys! We didn’t have any cookies, but we did have Kikyo Shingen Mochi!
In the second episode, Nadeshiko tried to put soybean flour on the rice cake, but spilled it, so Chiaki gave her some advice.

Chiaki said, “In that case, you should do …… like this!
He spread the rice cake and soybean flour on the plastic furoshiki wrapping the rice cake, poured some molasses on it, and wrapped the whole thing with the furoshiki.
Chiaki: “Huff huff …… fir fir fir fir ……
and sprinkle the whole thing, and yes! The soybean flour and molasses mix perfectly with the rice cake and it’s ready!
“Momi Momi Momi”.
Please give it a try.

■ “Laid-back Camp” The model location that appeared in the third episode

From Nanbu Town, where Nadeshiko lives, to Momotoppara
Scenes from Nanbu Town, where Nadeshiko has moved in!
The tranquil landscape of Nanbu Town, where Nadeshiko has moved in, is soothing!
In episode 3, Nadeshiko learns from Mr. Saito that Rin is camping solo at “Fumotoppara”, so she prepares a pot and goes out to meet Rin.

Nadeshiko finds Rin and makes her a pot of dandan dumplings.

Mt. Fuji in the night view. It was lovely.
You can’t see it unless you camp!

Nadeshiko and Rin, who slept through the night and couldn’t see Mt.

Selva Minobu and the remains of a liquor store
Liquor store where Chiaki Ogaki has an interview for a part-time job.
Chiaki and Aoi decide to get part-time jobs for their wild club activities.
This is the location of the liquor store where Chiaki had her interview.

This is the model location for the Kawamoto Minobu branch of sake, where Chiaki had her part-time job interview.

Roadside Station Asagiri Kogen (Shizuoka Prefecture)

This is a roadside station located in Asagiri Highland.
This is the roadside station where Nadeshiko stopped by after the Fumotoppara camping trip.

Nadeshiko ate soft ice cream here and bought some souvenirs.

That’s all for episode 3! Next, I’ll show you the locations for episodes 4 through 6.I can’t wait to go camping too. I’ll have to try the curry ramen.

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