Spoiler discussion of Classroom of the Elite Vol. 6: Ayakouji goes to Ichinose class for the gymnastic festival? Koenji’s gift to Mi-chan? Classroom of the Elite


Regarding the February 25, 2022 release of “Classroom of the Elite,” Volume 6 of the sophomore edition, the sports festival has finally been held, the developments related to it, and what will Class B do now that the special examinations are having a major impact on them? That is what we will see in this volume.

In this issue, we will provide spoilers, comments, and discussion about Classroom of the Elite 2nd Grade Edition 6.

|Classroom of the Elite, 2nd Grade, Volume 6 spoilers.

Impact of unanimous testing

Horikita’s B class survived the unanimous examination, but Mi-chan was affected by the decision to rescue Kushida and expel Airi, and by Kushida’s revelation of some classmates’ secrets. It also left quite an impact on Haruka, who had been a close friend of Airi’s, and who was now resentful of him. In the midst of all this, the story of the special exam for the gymnastic festival is explained.

However, there were three absent students in the class: Haruka, Mi-chan, and Kushida. The students decided that they would have to get these three to come to class first in order for the gymnastics festival to proceed, so they decided to bring them back first.

First, Kushida, who Horikita had kept in his room for days with no sign of coming out, was approached by Ibuki, who asked him to compete in the gymnastic festival. In exchange for a match, Ibuki asks Horikita to help him get Kushida out of the room. With Ibuki’s help, they enter Kushida’s room, and although a fight breaks out, Horikita tells Kushida to use his power for him, and they go to school.

As for Mi-chan, who reveals to Kushida that she likes Hirata, Ayakoji takes care of her, and she goes to Ayakoji’s room to talk to him. Karuizawa came out of Ayakoji’s room at that time, and Amazawa, who came later, pointed out that Karuizawa and Ayakoji had an affair. As for Mi-chan, he succeeds in getting her to think about Hirata and to go to school successfully. The only thing that bothered me was that I couldn’t figure out who had been feeding Mi-chan for so long.

As for Haruka, thanks to Akito and Keisei, she is able to go to school.

communal fight

And when they thought about how to win the gymnastic festival, the idea that Hukita came up with was to team up with Ryuen’s class to beat Sakayanagi’s class, which is an A class. After talking with Ryuen and his classmates at the karaoke bar, Ryuen and his classmates accepted the idea of teaming up. However, they would not allow Sakayanagi to compete in order to win the A class, but Ayakoji was willing to accommodate them.

And in another matter, Ayakoji tells Ryuen and his group about some strategy apart from the gymnastic festival.

Ayakoji is also challenged by Nagumo to compete in the gymnastic festival, which he accepts.

Sports Festival

At the gymnastic festival that began, Ayakoji, who was supposed to compete with Nagumo, was sick and did not participate in the gymnastic festival. Then, Sakayanagi appears in his room. The board chairman had him spread the information that Ayakoji would be absent from the P.E. festival, so he created a timing for the two of them to be alone at the P.E. festival with no one else in the dormitory, and he invited Sakayanagi to join them. Sakayanagi finds out about Ayakoji’s future plans and takes a picture of him and Sakayanagi in bed together to see what he will use it for.

Meanwhile, at the sports festival, Sudo and Onodera pair up and win in various competitions. In the end, Onodera likes Sudo and Koenji also wins by himself. Hukita accepts a match against Ibuki, but Ibuki fails to win the third game in time, making it a non-winner for Hukita. They then face a team with Amazawa and Nanase in a volleyball match and win. In the end, Class B is able to take first place and earn significant points.


Nagumo, who was thrown out of the game by Ayakoji, told and smelled to Shigokita that he would have someone other than Ayakoji take the responsibility. Sato, who ran away when he saw Karuizawa and Ayakoji getting along, was followed by someone and followed that person and thought of looting Ayakoji.

Furthermore, Akito has been in love with Haruka for some time. Haruka is also resentful that he expelled Airi from school and is determined to get revenge on Horikita and Ayakoji, and Akito follows her.

In the end, as Horikita and his friends around him are growing up and running up to A class, Ayakoji mumbles about what would happen if he were to disappear and become a wall at such a time, and says he will move out of his current class.

|Comments on Classroom of the Elite, 2nd Grade, Volume 6.

The gymnastic festival ended sooner than expected this time. The first-year students were only Yagami, Amazawa, Nanase, and Hosen, so the focus was on the second-year students.

Personally, my favorite parts of this issue were the illustration of Horikita and Kushida’s faces as they pinched each other’s cheeks, and Ibuki’s childish look of joy at having beaten Horikita. Ibuki was good lol.

There are a lot of mysteries again, and I wonder what happened to the visitors from the outside after all. Ayakoji originally told the chancellor to withdraw from the last sports festival in order not to meet the visitor, but the visitor was not mentioned at all.

|Classroom of the Elite: A Discussion of Volume 6 of the Second Grade Edition

Koenji was serving Mi-chan.

This time, while Mi-chan, aka Mr. Wang (Wang), was shut in, there was someone who brought her food every day. However, we did not know who it was, and Ayakoji had no idea who it was.

But here is a thought that comes to mind: Koenji is the only one!

Koenji and Mi-chan are on the cover of volume 11.
When Hirata collapsed due to Hirata’s outburst in volume 11, Koenji picked up Mi-chan in his arms and carried her to the dormitory.
In the 2nd year edition volumes 4 and 5, Mie and Koenji were paired together and won 500,000 pts. in a treasure hunt.
Koenji said in Volume 6 of the sophomore volume that he is short of money right now, so he is serious about the gymnastics festival.

All of this leads us to believe that it was Koenji who offered the food to Mi-chan, and that he may be doing Mi-chan a favor. If so, Koenji is very cute in offering the food to her.

Mysterious person who came to Ayakoji’s room

And he is the mysterious person who came to Ayakoji’s room when Sakayanagi was there.

He is also the person who contacted Ayakoji in volume 9 or so, calling him only by name. At that time, it was just before his father set him up, and the call was as if it was a warning. It is also likely that he told me about it.

This time he talked about it as well. He said that ‘something inconvenient happened right after’ he made the call. And he says that he is neither friend nor foe. So it was like Sakayanagi had heard about it from an old memory.

So we will talk about the fact that it is infinitely unlikely that he is a white room student.

The idea here is that it is the student who can enter the premises and have a conversation, and the last time I called, it was that he did not sound like an adult. Since he was only a freshman at the time of the last call, this means that he is not a freshman in the sophomore version.

And a second grader, perhaps Ayakoji or Sakayanagi, would remember the voice. But if it is not, then it must be a third-year student whom I have not yet met. If that is the case, it would seem that we can narrow it down, but it could also be someone who has not yet appeared on the scene.

Your presence is having a negative impact. I just want to prevent more of it.’ This may be a reference to the fact that Nagumo did not return for the desert island test, and now Ayakoji is being watched by all the third-year students due to that effect. However, we still do not know who it is.

Private points used by Airi, who has been expelled from the school.

As it pertains to Ayakoji this time, the teacher said something like Ari used a private point after he had been expelled from the school.

There are two things related to Ayakoji here.

He bought something for Ayakoji as a birthday present because his birthday was coming up.
In order to stop Haruka’s outburst, he entrusted something to Ayakoji.

I think it is not. To be honest, if it was a birthday present, there would be no need to hide it like this, so I personally think that Haruka thought that Airi would take revenge on Ayakoji and entrusted something to Ayakoji.

Since “I am informed of the unexpected use of private points,” I don’t think there will be a birthday present.

Ayakoji’s strategy presented to Ryuen

This time, Ryuen, Ayakoji, Ryuen, and Katsuragi were discussing karaoke, and Ayakoji had a proposal for a different matter than the gymnastics festival. The content of the proposal was not mentioned, but they seemed to be interested in the idea.

What is being considered here is a maid cafe. Ayakoji thought it would be difficult for him to invite the students to a maid café because of the bad reputation he had gained in the class.

But then, what if we could get personnel from another class? It would be a solution. By teaming up with Ryuen and the others, the points earned from the maid café could be shared with Ryuen and the others.

Since Ayakoji’s problem will be solved and the Ryuen will also gain points, I think this is about the procurement of personnel for the maid café. Hiyori and Ibuki might be dressed as maids.

Ayakoji and Karuizawa fucked, but Sakayanagi?

This time, Ayakoji and Karuizawa would certainly have been attracted to each other.

Ayakoji was taking a shower when Mi-chan called him.
When Mi-chan visited her room, Karuizawa came out with straight hair instead of a ponytail.
Karuizawa said, ‘I have nothing to hide anymore. In other words, he exposed his body, too.
When Amazawa came to the room, Karuizawa’s hair came out from the pillow.
The garbage bags were packed even though there was not much garbage in them. In other words, used tissues.

Honestly, can Ayakoji get an erection? I also thought that Ayakoji would be easy to control physically. I don’t think you learn about that in the white room though lol.

Then there is Sakayanagi, who came to my room during the gymnastics festival. This is totally nothing. It said, ‘I got out of bed in 10 seconds,’ which is impossible for the physical time enemy. Ayakoji said something like ‘Let’s have a special class,’ but it was just words.

This time, unintentionally, it seems that Sakayanagi has realized Ayakoji’s purpose, and whether it was to keep him quiet or to use the photo for something else in the future, I took a photo of the scene with Sakayanagi on the bed.

Frankly, I don’t think this will help Sakayagi, and I don’t want to think about it, but I suspect that he probably took this picture in order to break up with Karuizawa.

Ayakoji’s class move is definite!

And I think this is connected to the picture with Sakayanagi, but this time, Ayakoji at the end

I’m leaving your class.” “There comes a time when you have to face the reality that you can’t win with a class that you are absolutely sure you can win with.”

He said this. This was already a sure sign that Ayakoji was moving from Class B.

Considering what had happened so far, I thought that Ayakoji was trying to create an entity that could beat him and see if it could beat him, whereas he was the best in the white room and no one could beat him.

And I think Ayakoji is looking forward to growing Horikita’s class, moving away and becoming in a different class, and seeing if he can beat him. I believe this is Ayakoji’s goal. I believe this is so because he says, ‘I am trying to stay away because I wish to be beaten.

I think this is why he made some preparations to part ways with Karuizawa.

Is the move to Ichinose class?

And as for where the class to be moved to, first of all, I honestly don’t think Ryuen’s class will be there. I don’t have any evidence, but Ryuen must want to fight Ayakoji as an enemy, so I don’t think he will accept him as a friend.

And as for Sakayanagi’s class, if we were to create a situation where he absolutely cannot win this time, he would be moved to Class A, but I honestly think that is not the case.

I think the most likely place for him is in Ichinose’s class. I honestly believe that if the relationship with Ayanomichi does not improve in a positive direction, he will end up in a bad situation for the rest of his life. To be honest, I think Ichinose class is a bit lacking compared to other classes, and with Ayanokoji’s inclusion, I think they will include times to repair the relationship with Ichinose.

I think there was a promise in Ayakoji’s room that they would meet here again to check things out, and I expect that to be recovered as well. I don’t think Ayakoji and Ichinose will get together after that, but if they do, Karuizawa is doomed, isn’t it?

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