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Thank you for checking out our site. We are a group of otaku(Nerds) living in Japan publishing Japanese otaku information to foreign countries since 2016. As we are all otaku ourselves, we currently publish information based on events, Idols, cosplayers, illustrators….you name it!! We all hope we can provide the needed up to date information soon as possible with clear and exciting details with it. Now like other companies we also have our goals and these are the 3 main goals that’ll never change.


3 Main Goals


  1.  Send out otaku information as clear and soon as possible.

  2.  Try to lose the lack of information between Japan and other countries.

  3. Unite all of the otaku from all around the world and become a one big family.



We will do our jobs based on these goals and our final goal is to unite all fellow otaku from all around the world and make the otaku culture spread more easily to the world.