Hey guys, this will be a corner for you guys to contact me and to share your thoughts to each other!! I hope this corner will be somewhat like Facebook and Twitter!!
I’m here ready to mingle and  I’m totally looking forward on talking with you!! Here are some instructions when using this forum!! Don’t forget to check before you post something!!


Forum Rules!!

  • Posting adult-themed or morally reprehensible content is not allowed.
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  • Posting anything that depicts drug use, illegal acts, or is racially discriminatory is not allowed.
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  • Linking to an illegal download is not allowed.
  • If your post contains story spoilers, please write (Spoilers) in the thread title.
  • Nerz is not responsible for any penalty or damages incurred due to the aforementioned rules.


In this forum, you can:

  • request your desired item here!
  • make suggestions for services that you want but don’t already see here (we will do our best to grant these requests!)
  • ask Nazuna anything and everything! (and we mean A~~NYTHING!)
  • request for specific article topics or focuses that you’d like to see in the future!


Did you check the rules and directions?? Okay, then I guess you are ready!! Come sign in and jot your thoughts down!!


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