Introducing Japanese Illustrator Vol.2 “Kurumitsu”


Hey guys, it’s Ryusei.

Today, I’d like to introduce you Kurumitsu (@krkrkr32), whose a fan of Idol M@ster and illustrates them and the point that I would like you to check out is the coloring and the touch to the drawings. This brings out the cuteness of the character which most of Kurumitsu’s fan loves to see. Now enough talking and lets move on to the works!!!


765pro idos are wearing Oversize hoodie


The members of 765 wearing a over sized hoodie (in Japanese we call this “buka-buka”). Girls wearing over sized clothes are just my kind of type and can you guys understand that??




Cinderella Girls

This is a character from Mobil M@aster, my favorite girl Frederica!!! Girls with camera’s are nice you know??


765pro idols are wearing “Kimono”


Yayoi, Yukiho, and Iori from the 765 wearing Kimono. There’s always something about when girls wear Kimonos…..


Other Activities

Kurumitsu also sells his products at Comike and illustrate certain CD jackets!!! Now we know how much good he is.



How was it, did you enjoy Kurumitsu’s art works?? I’ve personally met Kurumitsu before at Comike and he was astonishingly handsome!!! Today, I only got to introduce a small part of his art works so if you found his illustration amazing and want to see more, feel free to follow him!!! Well then, stay tuned for more info’s and we’ll be back with a new one!! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you again next time!!


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