Introducing Japanese Illustrators Vol.1 ~Ivi~



| It starts Again!!

Hello there everyone, I’m Ryusei.

Today as usual, I’d like to introduce one of my favorite illustrator whom mainly draws Idol M@ster character, Ivi (@lvi_twi) !!!
Ivi is the P of Airi which leads to great drawings when it comes to this character. The touch of the drawing is absolutely “real” and the background is also one of the good points that you wouldn’t want to miss. Well, rather than talking, lets dig in to Ivi’s pictures shall we??

| Art Work

Yes, this will be the illustration of our beloved Airi!!! And hell yeah she’s cute!!!


Now these are the other idols that Ivi favors instead of Airi and I can tell I have the same taste as Ivi since I also like these two characters.



Starting from here, there’s nothing to do with Idol M@ster but hey, those swim suits looks great too!!!



Hmm the face page of the illustration book of Grandblue Fantasy. I can say that I really do love how the background matches the theme!!


This is Ivi’s original art work named “The beginning” which is more like an art. This could be in one of the museums.


| In the End

Well that’s pretty much it for now. How was it?? I hope you’ve had a great time looking at Ivi’s art works.
If you found Ivi’s art work fantastic and made you want to look more, then first I suggest you to go follow Ivi on twitter( I’ll leave the link below and on the top of this page) or if you really want to have Ivi’s illustration, then you can purchase Ivi’s illustration at Comike so if you have a chance coming to Japan, then don’t waste your chance and visit Comike!!
Thanks for reading this till the end and I’m looking forward to seeing you again!!

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