Introducing Japanese Illustrators Vol.5 ~Okiru~


Hello there everyone, I’m Ryusei.
Okay, so this time I’ll be introducing my favorite anime Pripara mainly!! Now the reason why I like Okiru’s art is because of the coupling of Aroma and Mikan is just so well illustrated and I genuinely want to thank this artist for drawing this kind of illustration. Now less talking and lets move on to the art works!!!


AroMika’s Illustrations







Best feeling in the world when watching this…..the two together is the definition of heaven.


Other works








Okiru’s illustration is mostly drawn in great touch and most of all, the characters are mostly cute (you can probably say “loli”).

Okiru’s illustration is published permanently so if you found these illustrations nice, then please go check Okiru’s twitter account for more art works. I’m a fan myself so to me, Okiru’s joy of gaining followers is also my joy. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and I’ll be seeing you soon in my next one!! Thanks!!

twitter account: Okiru

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