Introducing Japanese Cosplayer Vol.2 “Shizuku”


Hello there everyone, I’m Ryusei.

Today, I’ll be introducing “Shizuku”, a cosplayer whom cosplays the anime and game characters of “KanKore” and “Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls”. While writing and editing this, I was sure enough to say that I am truly glad to introduce her since she is very adorable. Now I don’t want to keep you waiting so let’s move on to the photos shall we!!


Anime Consplay

This cosplay is “Mash Kyrielight” who’s a main heroine of FGO!

The concept is you have a date with Mash Kyrielight! My heart was beating so fast!



Cosplays of Aiko Takamori, Kanako Mimori, and Mayu Sakuma!!!
Isn’t this just so kawaii??




This is Nuko Numano (Cosplay of Mio Honda) as well in the photo. I’m the P of cool idol’s but passion idol’s are also great!!!








Original Cosplay



This is a portrait image of while taking a walk. Simply my favorite!!


Nit clothes with knee highs!! And I’m a big fan of them.



Portrait of pajama’s!! Shizuku’s pajamas are also great!!!


If you pay a close attention you’ll notice the hand looks like a paw and that is the ultimate kawaii!!

Not only just characters but having her own original cosplay is one of the great point I personally think that why Shizuku has many fans. And I guess that you can already tell that she is really cute!!
My favorite portrait is as I said earlier, the one where she takes a small walk into the park. The whole atmosphere in the photo just purifies my heart!!
If you found her cosplays interesting and cute, then I strongly recommend you to follow her on Twitter!! I’ll leave the description below!! Thanks for checking out this article and I’ll see you soon on my next article!!


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