Fate Grand/Order Story and Illustrator introduction ~4th anomaly specific point “Salem of Heretics”~



The stage of “Anomaly specific point Ⅳ contraceptive admission garden salem” is a regional city on the east coast of North America.
Seven days of exploring with new servants will be deployed in the town where the dark custom has taken root


This story is only available for players who’ve cleared the whole story (till the last specific point) and not only this story is like the stories that are opened (such as Shinjuku) but this time the story is somewhat based by a storytelling kind of style which is something different from the other previous stories.

This is event boosts up your caster relation points so this is a great chance to gain relation points with your caster servants!!


Art works from illustrators

I’ll be introducing a few art works based on Abigail from random illustrators. All of them looks great so check them out for more!!


FGO official site: https://www.fate-go.jp/eor/

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