Introducing Japanese Cosplayer Vol.4 “Arisa”


Hi I’m back (@Berria_g) and today I’ll be sharing some things about Arisa(@arisamaruuu), a cosplayer that I personally think is so cute since she does so many character that I like such as FGO, Kankore, Girls un Panzer and so on!!! The biggest point I’d like to share here is that the way she takes her photo. The character and the background of the photo completely matches the atmosphere of the anime itself and that is one of the biggest point that I love seeing!! Well let’s move on to the photos shall we??

| Cosplay Gallery

Now I can say that if you’re a fan of Kankore, then you’ll know what I mean right??

Here are some other costumes of Girls und Panzer, Kemono Friends, and a character from “SINoALICE”, a game that came out as a great hit after Neir.
All of the costumes completely suits her and it makes you feel as if you’re really in the world of each anime or game. Well its obvious to say that this is way better if you see her in person rather than just looking at the photos!!

Now here are some original costumes of her own. Is there anything I should say?? Simply Spectacular!!!


| How was it??

I hope you enjoyed the gallery and yes, the way she cosplayes attracts many fans and it is great to see her in events showing her costumes. If you found her interesting, then I strongly suggest you to go visit her twitter account from the link I’ll leave below. As always thanks for reading this till the end and we’ll be more thrilled if you post this on Twitter or Facebook and leave a like to our accounts!! Thanks a lot and I’ll see you on my next article!!


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