Introducing Japanese Cosplayer Vol.5 “Cha-cha”


| It’s already the 5th volume of this!!!

Hi I’m back (@Berria_g) and today I’ll be sharing some things about Cha-cha(@kagetsuomi). Cha-cha is one of the cosplayers that I personally think is kinda sexy and cute and I guess you’ll know that from seeing the pictures and tweets of her I’ve posted below. Well as I said, let’s move on to the pictures!!!

| Cosplay Gallery

Okay so the reason why I posted these at first is simply I’m a big fan of Fate series so when I knew that she had few costumes of Fate characters I couldn’t hold but to introduce this at first…. you know what I mean if you’re a big fan of something right?? And I guess you’ve already noticed if your a Fate fan that she has completely nailed the characters!!

Now let’s move on to this posts. As you can already see Cha-cha cosplaying as a character from the famous and popular anime OnePiece “Nami”. I must say that I use to be a Onepiece fan but now I haven’t really seen much of the recent episodes but these posts makes me think twice and makes me wanna watch the episodes that I missed!!

Okay, here’s something that I need to explain carefully to you guys. Now, first of all, this post isn’t all about sexy shots…….well just not completely about sexy things…you get the idea right?? So in the first and the third tweet, you can see a sweater that is obviously too opened to wear for outside and yes you are right. This is a sweater that was a hot topic in Japan for quite a while with the name of “Doutei wo Korosu sweater (Cherry boy killer sweater)” and I suppose you can understand why this sweater is named that way. That’s not the important part!! There are only few of ladies who can completely nail wearing this sweater and Cha-cha is one of them!!! With great style, it is essential to say that its worth the time to wait for her next upcoming costume.

| That’s pretty much it!!

Thanks for reading this till the end and I hope you found Cha-cha interesting in some kind of way!! As always, if you did I’ll leave the description below for you to access her Twitter account and while following her, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and leave a like on our Facebook page!! Then I’ll see you on my next article!!

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