FGO Christmas Event 〜Christmas in the Nether World〜


| Outlines

With the sudden extraordinary weather causing mysterious feverish diseases that erodes servants, you stood up to save Caldea but a mysterious Santa Claus appears in front of you….who is this?? The mystery shall be revealed in the story.

| Details

This event is originally written by “Nasu Kinoko”. The event functions quite the same as the event of Nero, you gather up each specific supplies to spin the gatcha and to trade items at the event shop. This event is only available for masters who’ve cleared the 7th specific point so if you’re still not through with that, then I suggest you to hurry and finish it, but don’t rush through the story cause the story is great. Also at this years event you’ll be able to get Altera as a archer servant. Completely the main story in order to get her!!

And finally……this events pickup gatcha’s main servant is Ereshkigal!!! To me, this is like “Finally, this time has came” kind of feeling and this news simply made me happy. Ereshkigal is a servant from the 7th specific point so if you’ve already played the story then there’s no doubt that you want her, and if you haven’t completed the story yet then you’ll know what I mean after you’ve cleared the specific point.

| Illustrations






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