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| It’s finally that time of year!!

Heeeeeey ya’ll its Gino (@Berria_g) and do you what time it is?? The year is about to end and that means a new anime season is about to start!!! Now do you know what that means?? New season of animes!! I’d love to introduce every anime that’ll be coming up this winter but that’ll be just too much work so I have decided to only introduce what I think that’ll be interesting to check out. I’ll try to fit all in this one article but if I couldn’t, then there will be a vol.2 of this!! Now let’s move on shall we?!

| Anime Lineups

: Sora yorimo Toi Basho


A place far away from Japan, 4 young girls has decided to go on a journey to the south pole for some reason. This anime is one of the daily life kind of anime so basically it should be fun to watch without thinking. One of my favorite genres.


Inori Minase      Kana Hanazawa      Saori Hayami      Yuka Iguchi
Yoko Higasa       Lynn               ….etc


: Violet Evergarden


By winning the award of “The best of Kyoto Animation”, this anime was made by the directer Sir Ishidachi whom is famous with the anime film “Kyoukai no Kanata ~I’LL BE HERE~” and other famous producers which is no doubt that this anime will come out great and way over our expectations. Simply can’t wait for this.


Yui Ishikawa      Taketo Koyasu     Daisuke Namikawa
Aya Endo Haruka Tomatsu      Minori Chihara      Koki Uchiyama




With the great hit from the first season, finally the second season has come to take action!! If you’re a fan of the first season, then there is now way that you’ll miss the second season. If you haven’t seen the first season then I strongly suggest you to go check it out!! I don’t want to spoil the details so let’s say it’s somewhat similar to Sword Art Online so if you love gaming and fantasy things, then this is your anime!!


Satoshi Hino      Yumi Hara      Sumire Uesaka      Sora Amamiya   Emily Kato      Yumi Uchiyama      Masayuki Kato      …etc

: Gin no GuardianⅡ(The Silver Guardian)


An ordinary high school boy just minding his own life suddenly got teleported to the game world named “Grave Buster”. Well another game world stuff so if you’re interested in that genre, then this anime should also entertain you!!


Jun Fukuyama      Yuka Saito     Ami Koshimizu      Kana Asumi Soichiro Hoshi      Nozomi Nishida      …etc


: Fate/EXTRA Last Encore


Basically same as the most Fate series that we know instead the story differs with the main servant that the story will be telling. If you are a Nero fan, then i strongly suggest to watch this episode of Fate!!!


Atsushi Abe      Sakura Tange      Kosuke Toriumi
Urara Takano      Ai Nonaka




A product from Manga Time Kirara, the company that understands kawaii is Justice!!! So if there’s a anime coming up from that company, then just see it for yourself instead of asking what kind of anime it is. Its going to be great with no doubt.


Reina Kondo      Ayasa Ito      Maria Naganawa      M・A・O
Maya Uchida      Manami Numakura

| Now hold on!!

Now I can go on recommending animes that’ll come next season like this but then I’ll need a newspaper sized article to do that so what I’m going to do from now is that I will just post the name of the anime that I recommend with the video, so basically the same just without the outlines and the introduction of the casts. Well we’ve still got a long way to go so enjoy the rid with me!!

: citrus


: Gintama

Sorry, the original PV isn’t out yet so as soon as the video is uploaded I’ll make sure to post it here and update!!


: Idolish Seven


: Karakai Jozuno Takagi-san


: Grancrest Senki


: Dagashi Kashi


: Takunomi


: Death March kara hajimaru Isekai Kyousokyoku


: Toji no Miko


| Well I guess that’s about it!!

To be honest, I wanted to introduce a bit more but if I’m going to do that then it’ll probably take days to finish this so I’ll just keep it around here!! I’ll be glad if you had a great time looking at these recommended animes with me. Thanks for reading this till the end and I’ll be seeing you on my next article!!

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