Introducing Japanese Illustrator Vol.8 “Toki”


Heeeeeey it’s Gino (@Berria_g) and today I’ll be sharing some things about Toki (@brothertoki). Well you’ll know how great Toki’s illustrations are in a few seconds but before that let me just explain a few things about Toki. Toki illustrates mainly on Idol M@ster characters since he’s a big fan of the series and I would like you to take a close look on how good he draws these characters. Not only Idol M@ster characters but also characters from recent animes, popular and famous animes, all kind of genres does he cover up so if you think you know a lot animes, then check his work out and distinguish each characters!! Well enough talking, lets move on to the art works!!

| Art Works

As you can see, Toki has a talent to drawing Idol M@ster characters and to tell the truth, I haven’t seen such cute girls like them for a while!!

Other than Idol M@ster characters

| That’s all for now!!

Thanks for checking this out till the end!! If you found Toki’s art fascinating or somewhat great, then I strongly suggest you to check his Twitter account for more illustrations which I’ll be leaving the description below!! Also don’t forget to give a like to this page and to our Facebook page and it’ll be great it you follow us on Twitter as well!! As always, thanks for the support and I’ll see you on my next article!!
Toki (@brothertoki)

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