Introducing Japanese Illustrator Vol.9 “Nishimi”


What’s up guys, it’s Gino (@Berria_g) and today I’ll be sharing some things about Nishimi (@mbmnk), personally one of my favorite Illustrators that I’ll be introducing to you guys. Why?? Well as you all know that I’m a big fan of Fate series, Nishimi does a great job on illustrating Fate characters (especially Fate/Grand Order) and the drawn characters are just simply spectacular!!! You’ll know what I mean so lets go check them out shall we??

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Well I guess there is no need to explain who’s fan Nishimi is. Ellena is my favorite character as well and what make me more happy is that its not caster Ellena that Nishimi loves and I’m also a huge fan of archer Ellena so I felt some kind of sympathy!! I use her as my room character and that’s how much I love her!!

↑↑↑↑  Ah damn this one is my FAVORITE!!! Soooo envy the master and want to switch places with him…..why is life so cruel……

| That is it!!!!

Yes I know that I haven’t been explaining anything but think about it?? One of your favorite characters drawn beautifully and you got the chance to introduce it, would you explain every single thing from zero to a hundred?? I don’t think so. If you are a Fate fan then you should know how much I’m happy and I guess you are as well. And for those who are not Fate fans, I guess that you’ve now understand how much Ellena is kawaii and I believe you’ll become a Fate fan as well!! Well that’s pretty much it from me today so if you found Nishimi interesting, then please go follow Nishimi on twitter (I’ll leave the description below)!! Well that’s all from me and I’ll see you on my next article!! Merry Christmas!!!
Nishimi (@mbmnk)

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