FGO 2nd Chapter Prologue「序/2017年 12月26日」2017/12/26


Now that Christmas event has ended, a big news has been updated during the end of the year and guess what, there will be a second chapter coming up next year!!
To play this you’ll have to finish all of the story from the first chapter including the last specific point “Sorromon”. And that’s not the only good news, if you clear the prologue until the 31st of December, you’ll get a great gift from the game which is 30 stars!! No need to mention that you’ll get the chance to open a gatcha box for 10 cards!!
And not only you’ll receive the stars but you’ll also get a craft essence card from the game based on the upcoming anime “Fate/Grand Order -MOONLIGHT/LOSTROOM”.

Also if you’ve cleared the first specific point Fuyuki, you’ll get this craft essence card as a perk!! Great illustration isn’t it??

Barely fighting the temptation against the upcoming 2nd chapter, this was moyashi (@moyac_moyab) and I’ll be seeing you on my next article!!

FGO official site: https://www.fate-go.jp/eor/

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