Popular anime heroines form this season Vol.2 “Phosphophyllite”



From the anime “Hoseki no Kuni” that was on air this season (2017 Autumn), Phosphophyllite is the main heroine in the anime. The anime is based on stories of jewelries and Phosphophyllite is the youngest character (300 yrs old) in the show. The story tells the life of Phosphophyllite of how much she tries hard in her life and the point where I’d like you all to check out is her appearance in each episode. Its a great anime to check out so if you had the time then I suggest you to check out the anime. Oh and by the way, Phosphophyllite costs ¥450,000 for 1.23 ct…..simply wow.

Art Works



Jade is also good as well…

Thumbnail image from Irori(@irorikigaku

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