Introducing Japanese Cosplayer Vol.7 “Mochiya”


| Love Fate series?? Here you go then!!

Hey guys how’s everything going it’s Gino(@Berria_g)!! Here in Japan sadly Christmas has just ended and I guess people around the world are having the same experience…well its still too soon to be sad about the passed event because today I’ll be introducing one of my favorite (Did I just said that again….well they’re all my favorite anyways) cosplayer “Mochiya”(@ppcccc_cos)!! Now as you know I’m a great fan of Fate series….I guess you already know what I’m going to say beyond this, yes, she does a great job on cosplaying as a character from Fate series!! Well she also has other options but first lets move on to the gallery shall we??

| Cosplay Gallery

Remember what I said about Christmas?? Well here’s your answer, the total ideal Santa we’ve all dreamed of!! Just look at the quality of this cosplay, if you’re not breath taken, then there’s gotta be something wrong with you….



You see, this is why I love cosplayers because they bring anime to life and that is the only thing I wish for. I you take a close look at each of her photos, you’ll notice how much effort she gives in each of her stage and she easily brings the whole environment of Fate to life. Makes you think of how it would look if you were in that world doesn’t it?? Yep, that’s why I love Mochiya’s work!! Let’s take a look a bit more futher.


Beautiful isn’t it?? Of course this is pure beauty of Mochiya but there’s one thing that I don’t want you all to forget and that is the photographers who’ve took these absolute outstanding shots. If you check her tweets you’ll realize that she also posts the photographers name in the end so just to make sure, if it wasn’t for these people Mochiya’s overwhelming beauty wouldn’t be out. Thanks to all the photographers out there!!


| How was it??

So as I mentioned first, as a Fate fan Mochiya is one cosplayer you wouldn’t want to miss and I believe now you now why. There’s pretty much nothing left for me to explain to all of you so if you found her interesting, then I strongly suggest you to go follow her on twitter which I’ll be leaving the description below. As always, thanks for reading this till the end and I hope I was able to provide you great stuff. Well that’s pretty much it from me so don’t forget to share this on Twitter of Facebook and to like our page on Twitter and Facebook and I’ll be seeing you on my next article!!

Mochiya (@ppcccc_cos)


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