Introducing Japanese Cosplayer Vol.8 “Haru”


| Another Fate Cosplayer!!

Hey guys how’s everything going it’s Gino(@Berria_g)!! And yes again, I have found another cosplayer who mainly dresses up as a Fate character!! Today I’ll be introducing Haru (@harushiki1), a cosplayer whom I think personally nails on cosplaying as Jeanne d’Arc Alter. There are significant amount of people who cosplays as this character but Jeanne d’Arc is one of the most difficult characters to be especially if you are Japanese (in my point of view). However she just completely nails it and if you’re a Jeanne d’Arc Alter fan then I can assure you that you’ll love it!! Not only does she cosplays Jeanne d’Arc Alter but also other Fate/Grand Order servants and characters from the original anime so again if you are a huge fan o Fate series as I am, then you much see her cosplays for sure!! Without further do, let move on shall we??

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| How was it??

I hope all of you enjoyed her variations of cosplays. As I said, she is one of the best cosplayers of Jeanne d’Arc Alter from my point of view and yes she also does a great job on cosplaying as other characters as well. However, if you thought she only cosplays as Fate characters then I suggest you to go check her Twitter account since Fate is not the only characters that she plays but also other famous anime characters!! Thanks for reading this till the end and if you found Haru cool and cute and something more than that then I’ll leave the link to her Twitter account for you guys and don’t forget to share this article on Twiter or Facebook to announce your friends about Haru and it’ll also be great if you come visit our page on Facebook and leave a like to our page!! That’s all form me today and I’ll see you on my next article!!!

Haru (@harushiki1)

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