Popular anime heroines form this season Vol.3 “Umaru Doma”


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Hello there everyone, I’m Ryusei.
I’m here to introduce the popular heroines from this anime season and today I’ll be introducing Umaru from “Himouto Umaruchan”!! Did you saw the entire episodes from this season because I didn’t miss a single episode since this is one of my favorite anime!! Well I gotta say every problem is solved with coke and chips and yes that was how I watched all episodes. Now lets move on to the world filled with Umaru shall we??

| Illustrations

Even Japanese famous Dojin writers illustrates Umaru and that shows how much Umaru is famous and popular here!! I personally like “Pan”‘s art work….they’re just so gorgeous…


| Cosplayers

Every Umaru seems so cute to me…makes me want to buy any game for her!!
By the way, the 2nd picture we show here is “Fleiya” which we’ve wrote an article before so go check out her other activities since she is so cute!!

Introducing Japanese Cosplayer Vol.6 “fleia”

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you on my next article!!!

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