Its Hanayo’s Birthday!!! “LoveLive”


| Happy Birthday Hanayo!!

Damn, even though μ’s has ended there are still a significant amount of fans out there who loves this unit including me and we are all proud for our Hanayo’s birthday. I was a big fan of μ’s since the game came out and I’ve always felt something different about this unit comparing to other idol units. Personally I’m a huge fan of Maki but Hanayo was my favorite when I first started the game and her personality was also a blast in the anime and the big movie so I’m more than proud to say happy birthday to her. Well, let’s check out the fans reactions to this huge event!!

| Fan Reactions

There are more reactions than you think so if you’re a fan of her and want to see other fans reaction to this event, then check out #小泉花陽生誕祭2018 on Twitter!! Thanks for reading this and lets keep on supporting these adorable girls.

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