New film coming up “Liz to Aoi Tori” (Liz and the Blue bird)

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Hey guys, how’s everything going?? I’m Moyashi (@moyac_moyab) and today I’m here to announce there will be a new film of Sound!! Euphonium based on a different character comparing to the preview one. This time, the main characters will be Mizore and Nozomi, the two friends who mainly started to show up on the second season in the anime. Also as the anime did, Kyoto animation will take roll in this film and also the main staffs from the movie “Koe no Katachi” (A Silent Voice) will be participating as well so there is no doubt that this film will come out great!!


I also loved this two from the original anime so personally I’m quite excited how the movie will come out!!
There will be updates of information in the official site below so if you’re too hyped to wait then go check it out!!

Official site:

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