Popular anime heroines from this season Vol.4 “Maika Sakuranomiya”

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| Bam!! A new sadistic heroine!!

Well what do you know, this character has just got rated high in my favorite character rankings and that’s not just only because she’s super cute but with the fact that she’s also super sadistic at the same time and the twist her is that is doesn’t do this intentionally and I believe this was the point where she had earned so many fans!! Blend S was a great anime from that season and there is no denying that the anime was ranked around the top during that time. If you haven’t checked out the anime yet and you love kawaii girls then this anime is more than perfect for you!! I’ll leave some trailers of the anime so that you can see the outlook of the anime.


| Trailers


| Other Bonus

As you already can see, the opening theme of this anime was a huge blast among fans and what made them more hyped was the fact that the voice actress of Maika sang the song on solo which brought Maika fans to their knees. Just go check out the song I’ve posted above and I guarantee you that you’ll love it!! If you didn’t, well, we all have our tastes so that’s fine!!

| That’s all for now!!

I hope you enjoyed this article of Maika since as I said earlier, she is now one of my favorite heroine so if you also felt the same way and want to know more about her, then go check out the official website for more information!! Maybe there will be a film coming up or a second season!! I’ll leave the description below for you to access easily. Thanks for reading this till the end and if you liked this article, then it’ll be great if you share this page on Twitter or Facebook!! Thanks again and I’ll see you on my next article!!

Blend S Official site: http://blend-s.jp/

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