STEINS;GATE 0 anime is finally coming!!

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Hello there everyone, I’m Ryusei.
STEINS;GATE 0 the anime was announced last year so I thought it’ll be great to gather a bit information here to show you guys!! So first let’s check out the information that has been released so far!!

| Overview

A key visual has been released, and I’m hyped since I’ve never seen Mayuri’s face like this in the original anime so there’s got to be something going on here!!!


The anime’s first trailer has also been released which I’ll leave it below. The actual anime starts on April 2018.



| Cast and Staff info

The actual information was released here in the link below.


And guess what, the biggest news here is that the director is different from the previous one!!

Kenichi Kawamura, a director who’ve been also participating in other animes such as Black Lagoon and other Soni-Ani products will be the main director in this series.

Personally Black Lagoon was a blast for me with the dark atmosphere in the series so I have a high expectation on this anime as well.

Also the character designers will change to Kyuta Sakai and Tomoshige Inayoshi, who’ve done a great job in Re:zero, Higurasih, and other products such as Ichigo Mashimaro so I pretty have nothing to say about this. Also they are a veteran on this job so with high expectations, I bet there will be nothing to worry about with the character designs.

As the expectation elevates for this anime, there are more information released in the official blog and Twitter account so if you’re too excited to wait for more information, then I suggest you to go check them out.

The anime is just around the corner so let’s keep out high expectations for 3 more months and enjoy the show that’s coming up soon!!


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