A new shitty anime trend in Japan “PopTeamEpic”

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| Brace yourselves!!

This season there are a tons of animes that are making their ways to fans and yes we can all say that we love the animes from this season!! However, there is one anime that is just so shitty that from that there are a like a millions of fans enjoying this anime and that is “PopTeamEpic”!! This anime has become a huge trend here in Japan influencing the Japanese economy and it is now official to say that this anime is a shitty anime!! (Of course in a great way) To tell the truth, I’ve already watched the first episode 4 times and still I can’t find any bore to it!!

Also the great point in this anime is that the voice actors/actresses are mostly famous or popular among anime fans such as let’s say, Aoi Yuki from Sword Art Online and Saga of Tanya the evil and so on. There are more famous and legendary voice actors/actresses in this anime so if you think you are good with anime and know many voice actors/ actresses then this anime will be one of your favorite for sure!! I guarantee you!!

This animes first episode was on-air on Nico Nico on the 7th of January and guess what, the views are over 3 million!! Also if you’re a gamer as well, then you’ll notice that there has been a new mod on Skyrim!! This was the influence of the first episode where the characters where in the world of the game “Skyrim” and the new mod was released ever since then. You can see how much this anime is affecting the gaming and the anime community!!



Let’s what shitty anime together and have fun!!


Official Site: http://hoshiiro.jp/

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