A trending virtual youtuber “Kaguya Luna”


With all of these popular visual youtubers out there such as Kizuna Ai and Mirai Akari, Kaguya Luna appeared out of no where and she’s already became a trend among youtubers!!

With Mika Pikazo(@MikaPikaZo)designing her, she has turned out to become a super cute looking girl and her personality is also a great point to check out since she’s super excited about everything!! Her voice is also one point that’ll make you to never forget. In Japan, she’s even resembled as Strong Zero (a type of liqueur) Gijimka (something you say in Japanese when you describe something that’s not human to a human)!!! Well I sure do think this suits her!!

This is the image of Strong Zero.

Even though she hasn’t uploaded that much of videos on her channel, 400 thousands of people has already subscribed to her channel and it is essential to say that she is becoming the trend among virtual youtubers.





If you find her cute and want to check out more of her videos and herself, then I suggest you to go subscribe to her channel!! Like NOW!!! I’ll leave the link below!!

Kaguya Luna Official Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQYADFw7xEJ9oZSM5ZbqyBw

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