Mamoru Hosoda’s new film is coming next summer!!

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Hello there everyone, I’m Ryusei and today I’m here to announce there

It’s time for that new Mamoru Hosoda’s film “未来のミライ” (Mirai of future) announcement. The movie will be released next summer(July 20).
Hosoda Maroru is represent movie director in the world.
His masterpiece are Digimon Adventure our war game, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and summer wars etc…
I Can’t wait! So let’s get going!!


| Overview

Official Site:

About the story:

 Kuuchan, a young boy who is 4 years old happens to meet his young sister Miraichan from the future.
This story is about “Little old brother” and “old little sister” going on an adventure together.
This will be the first pieceful story of Mamoru Hosoda’s film ever made.

There is only a little information for us to check but I guess  they will release further news soon.

If you are interested in this one, you must check @studio_chizu



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