Introducing Japanese Cosplayer Vol.10 “Mayushima”


| A great anime dedicated cosplayer!!

How’s everything going?? Gino(@Berria_g) here for more Japanese cosplayer to introduce and today I’m here to introduce Mayushima(@o_m_y_2525), a cosplayer who does various characters including the popular trend we’ve got here in Japan, Fate/Grand Order!! I’ll be posting some of her cosplays below but before we move on I’d just like to say that the way she wears her costumes are flawless. Not only FGO characters but her other characters are also great to watch that made me think I’d like to go see her in some of the events we have here in Japan!! Well, seeing is believing so why don’t we go take a stroll to her gallery I’ve made below shall we??


| Cosplay Gallery

Now I guess you understand what I meant by flawless. Don’t worry, I’ve still got more to show here so keep on scrolling down!! And I guess you’ve already realized that she doesn’t only cosplays a character from FGO, but other popular anime in Japan starting Token Rambu. The way she get her photos taken are also a great point to check since it just simply makes you jump into the anime world and live in it when just taking a look in these photos. Every anime fans dream is to jump into the world of their favorite anime or take a peek of what it’s like to be in an anime world, and I can say that this is one of the way to explore the world you’ve always wanted to fly. Such great pictures!!!


| That’ll be it for now!!

How was it?? I have to admit that she is now one of my favorite cosplayers and yes I would love to go see her in one of the events that are held here in Japan!! Also one more thing I’d like to add here is that if you go check her Twitter account you’ll notice that she is quite a gamer and she makes a bunch of tweets about her gaming process so that’s one of the things that’ll entertain her fans and I’m also entertained by her tweets as well. I hope you found her interesting and if you did, I’ll leave her Twitter account below so go check her activities out for more information on her cosplay and gaming life!! Thanks for reading this and I’ll be seeing you on my next article!! Don’t forget to share this page on Facebook or Twitter to spread the words out!!


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