Introducing Japanese Cosplayer Vol.9 “Hijiri Yagumo”


| A Japanese mixed cosplayer!!

Hey guys Gino(@Berria_g) here and sorry its been a while since my last article but don’t worry, I’m back with a new cosplayer “Hijiri Yagumo”(@E_H_true)!! Now let’s start with the reason why I decided to introduce her. She is a cosplayer who tends to be a mix of Japanese and American which brings the cosplay game to a different level and I believe you know what I mean by a different level. When a normal Japanese tries to cosplay as an anime character that’s not a Japanese character or should I say “face”, it is difficult for Japanese to mimic that part as well but when it comes to mixed cosplayers, they have the advantage of perfectly mimicking the character in a much better chance. Also the reason why I picked her is that she is also a fan of Fate series (which is my favorite series) so there was no debate in me to introduce her or not. Well enough talking, and let’s move on to the gallery shall we??


| Cosplay Gallery


Mmm, Semiramis was one of my favorite character from the anime Fate/Apocrypha and she has also finally came to the game we all know FGO!! I still haven’t got her but I’m planing to use this picture to summon her to my party….I have a hunch that it’ll wor
Well anyways, just look at how she just nailed the costume completely there’s no doubt that this is the best cosplay of Semiramis so far I have seen and I’m definite that it’ll stay that way!!




| Other Cosplays

Now here is one of my favorite costumes “The virgin killer sweatshirt”. Let me tell you this, this shirt isn’t for everyone to wear. You’ll definitely need the stunningly hot sexy proportion in order to fit this and just take a look at her in that sweatshirt. Even if you’re not a virgin, she might have the power of wiping out all man kind on this planet. That’s how much she nailed this sweatshirt.


At this point, I personally thought that she looks great in any costume that I wish I had a girlfriend someone like her. I don’t know about you guys but I haven’t seen a lady who could wear anything and just completely nail it. Also one of the great point about her is that it comes from her personality, her sense of humor, which you can see in her tweets. It’s really enjoyable just by looking at her tweets.


| That’s about it!!

Well that’ll pretty much sum up for this article. I hope you’ve enjoyed the gallery as I did for myself. There is something about cosplayers that makes me think that they are the bridge between anime and reality so basically my expectations are quite high but Hijiri had just nailed every single character and if you check out her tweets, you’ll notice that she loves what she’s doing and you can feel the passion on every single character. If you found her interesting and want to check her activities out more, then I suggest you to go follow her on Twitter(I left the link above and I’ll also leave it below!!) so that you can follow he activities more timely. Thanks for reading this and I’ll be seeing you on my next article!!

Hijiri Yagumo (@E_H_true)

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