Introducing Japanese Cosplayer Vol.11 “Uri”


| Another Fate cosplayer in the house!!

Hey how’s everything going everyone, this is Gino(@Berria_g) and I’m here to deliver another Fate fan cosplayer to you all!! Here in Japan, the chill is finally hitting and everywhere you go it is freezing but that has mean nothing to these cosplayers in Japan and I’m here with one active cosplayer through out the year. As you can already see from the thumb nail picture, Uri(@yuuri11_27) is one of those who loves to cosplay as a character from FGO and also other game characters. Personally one of the great points that I want you to pay attention when looking at her gallery is not only her costumes but her way of taking the photo and to make things more clear, I mean by the background in each of her photos. Well, it’s much more easier to see it yourself rather listening me explaining so let’s move on to the gallery!!

| Cosplay Gallery

Okay, so these pictures were my personally favorite ones and this was the reason why I wanted to introduce Uri so bad. If you look at each characters surroundings, you’ll know that everything is well detailed and the atmosphere completely matches the character itself.You may think that this is pretty basic but not many people can to things well like she does in here photos. Just wanted to point out how well she matches the background and nails her character.


Now around here is one of my favorite parts in this gallery since these costumes are from the game FGO’s summer event where certain servants is summoned with sexy and cute swimsuits. The original costumes are also great but this was something I just loved from last summer’s event. If you are a FGO player, then I guess you know what I mean and I hope you are enjoying these photos as well!!


These are some of the cosplays that are not from FGO. But would you look at that, all of them are amazingly awesome especially the last one is my favorite since I totally love Kimono and Japanese culture themed backgrounds!! I hope you can relate to me since these photos are astonishingly great that makes me want to buy an album of her cosplays and make it into a calendar!!


| How was it??

I hope you had a great time looking at her cosplays and it’ll be great if you become a fan of her!! If you found her interesting, I’ll leave her Twitter account below for you to go check her out later!! I know I’ve already said this so many times but I’m going to say it again, her photos are great!! Well, that’ll be pretty much it from me. Thanks for reading this till the end and it’ll be great if you could share this article on Twitter or Facebook and become a fan of us on our Facebook account!! That’ll be it for now and I’ll be seeing you in my next article!!


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