Popular anime heroines from this season Vol.5 “Ai Hinatsuru”


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| One of the cutest Loli in this season!!

Hey how it going everyone!! Gino(@Berria_g) here and I’m here to introduce one of the popular anime heroines from this season and today I’ll be introducing Ai Hinatsuru from “Ryuou no Oshigoto”. This character Ai could be one of the best loli characters in anime history and I know there are anime fan who agrees to me. Not just because her cuteness but the way she talks melts your heart!! In Japan, we have a word “Ho-gen” which means different Japanese accents from other cities and if you are from Tokyo, then a girl with Ho-gen is a keeper. That’s how much we love Ho-gen and girls who speaks them naturally. Now back to Ai, she also uses Ho-gen and with her loli cuteness, there’s a magnificent punch to her cuteness. Today, I’m going to show some fans on Twitter reacting to Ai so have fun watching how much everyone loves Ai!!


| Fan Reactions


| Trailers for this anime

Here is a trailer for this anime “Ryuou no Oshigoto”. Basically the anime’s background is about Shogi, Japanese chess. I’m not here to explain the whole story of this anime so I’ll leave this trailer for you to check it out. If you think this anime is interesting, then personally I think you’ve got a great touch in choosing anime!! The character in this anime are all fantastically cute and adorable so if you love cute girls then this anime won’t let you down!!


| That’s all for now!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I also hope you’ll become a fan of this anime and Ai. This is certainly one of my favorite anime for this season so Ai was the character that I really wanted to introduce to you all so I’m feeling good for myself right now. Please share this on Twitter or Facebook to spread the words and to create more anime fans and I’ll be seeing you on my next article!!

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