Happy Valentines Day!!!


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| Shout out to all of you out there!!

Hey, how’s everything going everyone?? To those who had a great time and not, I’m here(@Berria_g) for you all to introduce some anime to watch and some other information such as fan reactions towards this event!! Now when it comes to valentines, we usually think of couples having a great time together and for those who doesn’t have a partner….well we feel miserable for ourselves just like me….But there’s always anime for us right?? So lets move on to the anime and fan reaction sections!!!


| Fan Reactions


| Recommended Anime

Here are some animes that I personally recommend you to watch!!

: Nisekoi

Here is a short clip of the anime. As you can see, this episode is about Valentines day and all the heroines tries to give their chocolate to the one they love. However things aren’t that easy. Check out how they all get to give their love to their hero!! This anime is simply one of my favorite anime in history and I certainly will suggest this anime if you are an anime starter or finding for some new love comedy anime!!


: Tora-Dora

This anime is also a popular love comedy and yes this also ranks high in my favorite anime lists. Well this anime is pretty much the same as Nisekoi but something a bit more realistic that you can imagine happening around your vicinity. This anime is also a much check!!


: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Now this anime was one of the anime that actually made me think of how to make my dreams come true and also how to develop a decent relationship with a lady. This anime is still one of the series that gives me strength to what I want to do in the future and gives me the courage to keep on challenging. I strongly suggest you to watch this anime, don’t worry, this anime won’t be a waste of time!!

| That’s it for now!!

Thanks for reading this till the end and I hope you had an enjoyable time with me!! I hope you’ll have a great time watching the anime I’v suggested above and hopefully you’ll find a better anime than the ones above!! Don’t forget to share this on Twitter and Facebook and I’ll see you on my next article!!

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