Introducing Japanese Illustrator Vol.10 “Arikan”


| An almighty illustrator!!

Hey guys, this is the 10th volume of “Introducing Japanese Illustrator” and we couldn’t have gone this far without you guys so that is a huge thanks from us!! Now today I’ll be introducing an illustrator whom is capable of drawing the characters really clearly and some of its own original illustrations, Arikan (@ArikanRobo). My first impression towards Arikan’s art is the touch and beauty of Arikans characters. You might not understand of what I’m saying for now but don’t worry cause you’ll them below. Now let’s move on to the gallery shall we??


| Art Gallery


I believe that now you can understand what I was trying to say by great touch. The point I like about Arikan’s illustration is its own originality of taste towards its art. Not only FGO characters but also you’ll see other characters from different anime and some of Arikan’s original art. Arikan has also been participating in Comike but selling its own products and many fans are crazy about it.



I’ve been mainly been introducing illustrators who’ve been drawing FGO characters because I’m a Fate fan myself, however Arikan doesn’t only illustrate FGO characters but also one of my favorite series “To-ho project”. As you can already tell, the characters are well illustrated and of course even though every illustrator have their own touch to their art, I personally adore Arikan’s way of illustrating these characters.



| That’s all for now!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed Arikan’s illustrations above and understand what I meant by almighty. If you found Arikan interesting, fell free to go follow Arikan on Twitter which I’ll leave the link below. Thanks for reading this till the end and please don’t forget to share this on Twitter and Facebook and I’ll see you on my next article!!

Arikan (@ArikanRobo)

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