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| Are you ready for this?!

Hi everybody, thanks for stopping by for my new corner “Akiba tour with Nazuna!”. In this corner I’ll be introducing many Akiba related information such as food, cafe, entertainment and so on! I’ll be your personal tour guide in this corner so follow me and lets have a great time together! Today I’ll be guiding you to one of the famous places to eat in Akiba “Sho-wa Shokudo”!
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Oh, and by the way, I’ll also be introducing this in Japanese in case you guys are interested in Japanese and want to learn! Hope you’ll enjoy this in both English and Japanese!



| What is “Sho-wa Shokudo”?

This place is somewhat close to between a restaurant and a fast-food restaurant. It is located right outside of Akihabara station right next to the huge game center, Sega! It’s a kind of place where you can just go eat lunch or dinner instead of going to a fast-food restaurant. I left the exact map location to this place so go check it out!


And just to make it more easier to understand, I’ll leave a photo of the store below! The first photo is taken in front of the store with the mark and the second one is mainly the menu and the inside of the store. Take a look!



a) the photo of the store with it’s mark                              b) the photo of the store with the menu and the inside of the store
店(みせ)の 表札(ひょうさつ)の写真(しゃしん)   メニューの写真(しゃしん)と内装(ないそう)の写真(しゃしん)

| What do they have?

Now I guess you want to know what kind of food they serve there, so don’t worry I’ve prepared some photo’s to show you so that you can get the picture of what kind of food they have there! Basically the main food of this place is cooked pork in a “donburi”(Japanese bowl) with the shops secret sauce on it. I’ll first leave a picture of the menu that’s displayed in front of the store!



As you can see, the main dishes are all meaty so that you can recharge your stamina. And yes there are other dishes but the most popular dish is in the picture named “Stamina don”. Another great thing about this dish is that you get to order something that’ll really satisfy you (by size I mean!). I guess you can see it in the picture. They also have other menu different than the original “stamina don” such as curry! But most customers order the most popular “stamina don” same as I did. Do you want to see the picture of what I ordered? Okay, then here you go! The dish I ordered is the large size of “stamina don”! Take a look!


How do you think? Doesn’t it look so delicious? Well it was! And the miso soup was also great after enjoying the main dish! The best thing about this dish is that the egg plays a great roll creating the mildness and makes the meat melt in your mouth. This is one of the dishes that I seriously recommend to eat if you come to Akiba!


Next I’ll explain the average price of “Sho-wa Shokudo”. If you’re just up for lunch, then you’ll just need about 800 yen in average. Now let’s say if you are quite hungry and you want something more than the medium size, then I’ll suggest you to carry about 1000 yen! I’ll leave an easy menu for you to check out!



・Stamina don: Medium/Large 600 yen   Mega 900 yen   Giga(super) 1,400 yen
・Pork kimchi don: Medium/Large 600 yen   Mega 900 yen   Giga(super) 1,400 yen
・Fried chicken meal: 750 yen
・Jan Jan meal (all meat): 750 yen   double 850 yen
・Chicken Curry: Medium 850 yen   Large 950 yen   Mega 1050 yen
・Stamina Curry: Medium 780 yen   Large 880 yen   Mega 980 yen

・スタミナ丼(どん): 並(なみ)/大盛り(おおもり)600円(えん) メガ盛(も)り 900円(円) ギガ盛(も)り 1400円(円)
・豚(ぶた)キムチ丼(どん): 並(なみ)/大盛り(おおもり)600円(えん) メガ盛(も)り 900円(えん) ギガ盛(も)り 1400円(えん)
・から揚(あ)げ定食(ていしょく): 750円(えん)
・じゃんじゃん定食(ていしょく): 750円(えん) ダブル 850円(えん)
・チキンカレー: 並盛(なみもり)850円(えん) 大盛り(おおもり) 950円(えん) メガ盛(も)り 1050円(えん)
・スタミナカレー: 並盛(なみもり)780円(えん) 大盛り(おおもり) 880円(えん) メガ盛(も)り 980円(えん)

Well as you can see, the price is quite reasonable so this is a great place to go when you feel hungry!



| I hope you liked this article!

Thanks for reading this article and I hope you enjoyed what I have introduced! This place is one of my favorite places to go when I’m hungry so I will guarantee the taste is awesome here! I’ll be updating more of these information so stay tuned for more! I’m planing to introduce other restaurants and cafes soon and maybe even maid cafes in the future but for now I’ll be sticking around with food and entertainments! See you soon in my next article and have a nice day!


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