Recruiting! Who would like to write articles with us?


| Recruitment Shout Out!

First off, thank you all so much for reading our articles! Nazuna here, and my masters (those whatchamacallit admin behind Nerz) and I are always more than happy to bring you as much anime goods, illustrator, event, and cosplay information as much as possible, whenever possible! However, in order to do so, our Nerz team would need some more manpower to help us out. So I thought to myself, this would be a great opportunity for me to connect you with all, giving you guys the opportunity to join our team. So, what do you say? Are you interested? If you’re still here reading this, I’m going to assume you are. To all of you fellow otaku who want to have a hand in furthering the otaku cause, I salute you! ^w^

| We’re looking for fellow otaku who:

・ want to distribute and deliver otaku-based information as much as they want to receive it
・ can be committed to the otaku-cause long term (6 month minimum)
・ are quick to respond and can remain in frequent contact
・ are fluent in English and a bit of Japanese (JLPT N4 and higher preferred to start; but we will also help you and teach you along the way!)
・ love to take on creative challenges and possess the spirit of trying new things!

| Benefits of working alongside the Nerz team:

・ Learn/enrich your Japanese alongside Japanese natives
・ Learn/immerse yourself in Japanese culture (otaku, traditional, everything!)
・ Frequent “business” trips to Akihabara and other anime pilgrimmage locations to experience the food and culture, to both aid your time here at Nerz and to serve as enrichment for your own otaku lifestyle
・ Learn about certain anime and otaku-related information first! (you will be the one distributing that information, after all)

| In the End

Thank you for checking this page out and I hope some part of this posting has caught your interest on what we are doing and what we can provide for you! I would love to have more friends who not only share the same otaku vision, but can also help bring up-to-date information to otaku all over the world! If you are interested, or would like to inquire some more information about our recruitment requirements, benefits, and/or compensation, please feel free to shoot me an email so we can discuss further. Let’s give it our all to make the world an even better place for otaku, both within Japan and overseas!


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