Introducing Cosplayer vol.14 “Murasa Kiiro”



thumbnail image from @snoath‘s cosplay of you/love live shine

Hey guy’s Nazuna( here and today I’m here to bring you a cute cosplayer Murasaki Kiiro(@2pinkyellow2)! She also cosplays a character that’ll make you reminisce the anime’s that you’ve watched before making you feel so emotional and taking you back to the past. Well let’s get to the gallery and check out some more!




| Cosplay Gallery




Tora Droa was one of the best animes! Let’s discuss about how Taiga is so cute shall we?




This was my favorite anime then and it still is! I was always excited for every episode every week…and there is going to be a new season coming soon! Can’t wait!




Yurippe! AB! was great and especially the last episode…makes me cry just by thinking about it…




Wow I need to give credit for this since it is really difficult to nail Cylica’s cosplay! This is really great!




I wish they will still come with a new series….




I am just speechless to this cosplay…..just pure beauty!




I was surprised by the quality when she kinda popped out from the screen! Wow, this is good!




Haru! Rebron was also one of my favorite anime! And wow she is cute!


I only introduced partly of her cosplay gallery so if you found her nice and want to check her cosplays more, then go check her Twitter account!@2pinkyellow2
Then I’ll see you on my next article on Monday! See you!




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