Wonder Festival 2018 Report Vol.2

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Hey guys, welcome to the 2rd volume of “Wonder Festival 2018 Report”! As always, I Nazuna will be your guide and I hope I can bring you the joy and excitement I felt from this event! On this report I’ll be mainly introducing figures from movie films, games and of course anime!
Okay, then without further do, let’s move on!




|ワンダフルワークス Wonderful Works


Luna! I can already hear her voice and her passion just by looking at her! So cute!


|バンダイスピリッツ Bandai Spirits

OMG OMG! This figure from OnePiece is just super cool! I can’t wait till this is actually done!


|Good Smile Company

This figure of CC Sakura is just awesome! The dress is one of the best points that I can certainly say!

Game on everybody! Let’s go paint the battle field!


Okay, I must admit that I was a great fan of this game and just by looking at these figures brought back some memories….and wow they look as if they’re going to start moving and go for the hunt! Loving it!!

|ディ・モールト・ベネ De Mort Bene

The figure of TeamRWBY….I wish I had these cool weapons for myself!

|アクアマリン Aqua Marin

Okay, I’m just going to step bakc and enjoy this masterpiece….gosh this is good!


A figure of the heads of a Predator and Alien?? When did AVP3 happened?? Just kidding, they are so real!


How was it? The next report will be the last report so don’t miss it! FGO figures are also coming up in the next report in Vol.3! See you there!


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