Wonder Festival Cosplayer Report!!


Thumbnail from “Mohciko Mochizuki”.


Hi everybody! Sorry for keeping you waiting! I’m going to introduce some rare cosplayers who were in Wonder Festival! There’ll be many cute cosplayers so I hope you’re ready for this ride! Okay then, let’s get to it!



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ぐぐるさん / 水着スカサハ(FGO)

A wonderful swimsuit in this hot summer! This is awesome!

くろねこさん /  ツクモちゃん(コスらぼっ!)

This is a character from a service named Cos Lab! and the characters name is Tsukumo! Gosh isn’t she just so cute?

望月もち子さん /  間桐桜(FGO)

OMG, Sakura, even with the normal outfit she’s cute but this outfit is just OMG! I’m out of words here!

ありかみうさん /  水瀬伊織(THE IDOLM@STER)

Vampire girls are just great don’t you think? Iori~~!

四ツ谷ナナリーさん /  妖刀姫(陰陽師)

Just look at the size of the katana! Wonder how she made this…..

えみるんぱさん /  宮本武蔵(FGO)

Wow, looks as if she’s the model of the FGO arcade! Fantastic!

ふとんさん /  城ヶ崎美嘉(アイドルマスターシンデレラガールズ)

Charisma JK sister! Mika with this school uniform is just great!

こかげさん /  和泉紗霧(エロマンガ先生)

OMG she is sooooo cute!! Would you like to be my sister? I’ll adore you every single day!!

三橋しえる。さん /  春日野穹(ヨスガノソラ)

A bunny cosplay from Sora!! Haven’t seen the cosplay of “Yosuganosora” recently but hey, this is also great!

黒子ききさん /  赤血球(働く細胞)

Done delivering today’s oxygen! If they were really working in me, then hey, I’ll breath more then necessary!

Wow, Wonder Festival does have a bunch of great cosplayers! And yes, this just cured my eyes! I can watch them like all day! Next week, we’re having Comic Market so stay tuned for Comic Market info’s! I’m sure I won’t let you down!



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