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 | Wondering you’ll get lost inside?

Today I’ll be teaching you the map inside Comic Market! With this, I’m sure you’ll never get lost inside the building!
Basically, the color purple indicates the company booths so if you are finding some kind of items based on companies items, then that’s where you’ll find them!



| Day 1  8/10

The 1st day will be mainly the displays of game circles such as Kancolle, Toho and FGO!
In the 1,2,3 east hall, there will the displays of type-moon, Touken Ranbu, and SQUARE ENIX! If you are a FGO fan, then this is the place that you’ll want to check out!
On the other hand, in the 4,5,6 hall there will be the displays of Kancolle and Toho! All teitokus should gather here!

Now in the west 1,2 hall, there will be circles of music games composers items and other do-jin games!

| Day 2  8/11

In the 2nd day, there will be circles of LoveLive, Girls un Panzer, Kuroko and so on in the east hall of 1,2,3!
In the 4,5,6 hall there will be mainly anime circles such as Gundum, Yuri in Ice and moreover cosplayers so if you are a cosplay fan, then I strongly recommend you to go here!

There will be circles of the Attack on Titan and Yowamushi Pedal in the west hall!


| Day 3  8/12

Now, if you are a producer, then gather up in the east 4,5,6 hall! There will be Idol M@ster related circles there!

The west hall will be based on magazines and original items! If you have some kind of interest towards certain artists, then this is the place you’ll want to check out!


| Company Booth

TYPE-MOON will be selling FGO related items!


P.A. WORKS will be selling items from the anime “Uma-musume”!

I guess this is quite it for now! Let’s enjoy the day! I hope you’ll get what you want! Good luck!


コミケカタログ公式サイト  Comic Market catalog official site   (

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