Introducing cosplayer Vol.17 “Tomiko”


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Hi everyone, Nazuna here! I’ve came up with some super kawaii cosplayer for you guys so that you can fight through this week! Hope you’ll like it!
Okay then, lets get going!



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A cosplay of Yo from LoveLive sunshine! Isn’t she just cute? I can already feel the joy of Yo just by looking at her!


Bunny costumes are one of the best costume in this world…don’t you think?


Ahhh another animal cosplay and this time its a cosplay of Yamashiro! I can just look at this all day!


If you’re an Azul Lane fan then I guess this can definitely make your day! Go ahead and gain that power!



OMG, Nero bride?! One of my favorite characters in FGO just came to life and I’m quite certain that I would love to marry her….Nero~~~~!!


I wonder if Astolfo’s cosplay is a cosplay of a male character….Even though, still cute!!



BB’s cosplay is killing it as well! Serv Fes 2018 was also a great event!



A Miko costume! Not a character costume but this costume is also stunningly awesome!




This is just beautiful….Kanako!!




Ahh knee socks as are a great factor when you talk about cuteness! I also want to wear one! Somebody draw them for me please!!






This costume certainly does look so hot…take care alright?





Mmm…so cute! This will charge up my power for this week!



How was it? I hope this gave you a ton of power for this week! Okay then, I’ll see you again on Monday with another new cosplayer to introduce! Till then, bye-bye!!

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