Introducing cosplayer Vol.18 “Kenken”


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Hey everyone! How’s it going? Nazuna here and I’m here to bring you another cute cosplayer so that you can fight through your rough week that’s just about to come up! Are you ready to be purified? Alright then let’s get going!



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Okay, Momo is one of my favorite characters in anime history and one of the reasons why I started watching anime! This cosplay of Momo is just stunningly adorable and I just can’t get my eyes off of her!


Haruhi could be one of the famous and popular symbol in anime character history so I’m guessing that there are many of you guys who could recognize this character!   




Atago from AzulLane! The costume is so accurate and I’m just surprised how good she looks in that costume! 



Here comes one of my favorite characters from the game FGO! Tamamo in her summer costume! her Noble Phantasm is exciting to watch you know! 




Now here is the main reason why I decided to introduce her this week. How do you think about her original costumes? School uniforms, yukata, bikini with a hoodie, what could be better right? I love her original costumes as well and I wanted to share this so badly!  


| How you like her now?

So how was it? As I said, her cosplays are awesome but what’s better is that her original cosplays were awesome and to me, I personally thought the school uniform was stunningly adorable! I hope you got to charge your will to fight through this week and if you want more power, then go check her Twitter account for more of her awesome cosplays!→@snesnebem
Well that’s it for this week! I’ll be coming back next week with another cosplayer so be prepared! Alright then, I’ll see you again next week!




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