Introducing Illustrator Vol.17 “Kawai”


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| Summer’s not over yet!!

Hey guys Nazuna here! I’ve got one question for you guys, do you really think summer has already ended? Cause if you think so, then you’re absolutely wrong! As a matter of fact, I’ll give you “Kawai”‘s art work that’ll make you think that summer hasn’t ended yet! If you’re a fan of summer, then I guarantee you that you are going to like this! Well are you ready to bring back the heat and enjoy summer a bit more? Then follow me and let enjoy summer a bit more longer together!



Check here for more information about “Kawai” and for more awesome art works!


| Art Gallery


When we think of summer we usually think about the heat and the sun light and stuff but hey guess what, in my image of summer its about going swimming and cool off! And wow in result, I get to see this! Tamamo in her school swim suit! Awesome….


Now this I can watch all day….. I wish I was that sexy as well so that I could wear that kind of bikini’s!


This is from C94! Well I guess its unnecessary to say that there’s going to be another one of these in the winter Comiket! Can’t wait!


Here are some more bikini characters to check out! I’m loving this so much!


Here are some more FGO characters that I wanted to share and omg this Okita Alter is so cute! Sad thing I couldn’t summon her……


| How was your short trip back to summer?

I how you had a great and a refreshing time reading this! Remember, even though it September doesn’t mean that summer has ended! As a matter of fact, it depends on you whether you finish it or not and in my case, summer isn’t over yet! I hope this made you relax and ease your exhausted body from your hard work through this week! If you want to see more of “Kawai”s art work, then check out Kawai’s Twitter account!@purplrpouni 



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Well that’s all for today! I’ll be coming up with another illustrator to introduce you next week so stay tuned and I’ll see you next week! See ya!

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