Tokyo Game Show is right around the corner! “TGS 2018”

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| The time has come again!

What’s up guys! Nazuna here and I’ll be reporting on the event “Tokyo Game Show 2018”! But before I write a report about it, I thought I well as might write about the overview on how it’s going to be! So buckle up cause this is going to be a heck of a ride!


| What is “Tokyo Game Show”?



Okay so first of all, the events details are already in the title. This is a huge event where a bunch of game companies gathers in one place and announce their up-coming game that will be available in the future! The event itself is held by CESA (Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association), an industry group of members from corporations and personal industries involving with the computer entertainment industry! So basically they are a group of people who provides us with the goodies that we play with today! This event will basically be an exhibition of computer games but since this is 2018, there are more to be seen.


| Overview



・Date       9/20,21  Business day : Only for companies involved in this event  10:00~17:00

                  9/22,23   Public day : For public views 10:00~17:00

・Price     Adult : 1,200 JPY (early bird ticket : 1,000 Jpy)

                Child : Free (below elementary school)

・Place    Makuhari Messe 1-11 Hall/ Event Hall/ International Conference Center

There are 4 days in this event, however if you have no connection to the companies that will attend to the event, then you can only visit the event on the last 2 days on the 22 and the 23. The price is not expensive at all so if you like checking out up-coming games and game related information, then this is your great chance! Oh and did I mention that cosplays are allowed in this event? Yes! So if you love to go see one then this is also a great chance for you to go check it out! Basically this event is based on games so there will be many game characters as well as the normal anime character cosplays that you can see in Comiket!


| Tokyo Game Show 2018 Corner Layout


・Hall 1~8 

Public Exhibition/ Romance game/ Business solutions/ New stars/ Game school/ Smart phone games/ Overseas pavilion/ Family game park

・ Hall 9~11

e-Sports/ VR/ AR/ indie games/ Shops

・ International Conference Hall

Business Meeting Area

・ Event Hall

Food court/ Rest area

Well as you can see, the basic area you would want to go is in Hall 1~11! Last year was awesome when I took a visit there where they had this huge exhibition of Monster Hunter World! That just blew my mind!! You’ve got to go check out each booth! It’ll just simply blow your mind!
In the Event hall, you get to purchase food and other small goodies! The food is collaborated with the event itself so you can bring back your food boxes after finishing your meal!


| Don’t leave, I’ve got some more!

Okay, so that’s pretty much it for what I can tell you! I’ll be writing a report on that day (I’ll be going on the 22nd) so don’t forget to check my tweets, posts on Facebook and of course my own website!
Now since I always bring up cosplayers and illustrators, I’ll introduce you to someone who helped me last year on this event! I hope you enjoy!


Bring it up for “Kyua Teto”!! She helped me on writing reports and filming a few videos last year on this event! Isn’t she just so adorable? And guess what, this is the costume she wore last year! We discussed about the costume and we ended up with the theme “Pokemon”!
So cute right? And guess what, she was even on my article starting from the FIRST” cosplayer that I introduced to you guys! She is on the series “introducing Cosplayers Vol.1”! I’ll leave the link below so feel free to check it out! And also, this is her Twitter account to go check her activities out! →@Fai_ry_lion


Introducing Japanese Cosplayer Vol.1 “Kyua-Teto”


| Hope you’ll enjoy the event!

Well that’s pretty much for right now! (I think I’ve already said that….but hey) Okay so if you want more detailed information about the event, then I’ll leave a link below for you guys to check out the event! Thanks for reading my article and don’t worry, I’ll be back with the report of the event this week end! See ya!!
Tokyo Game Show 2018 HP

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