TGS 2018 Report!! ~One of the best events this year!~

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| This was better than last year!!

Hey guys, how’s it going? Nazuna here and today I’m here to give you the information of the event I went yesterday, “Tokyo Game Show 2018”! As I’ve already told you in my previous article of what the event is, this year’s TGS was much more lit than last year! Well, hang tight cause I’ll be about the event! Okay then let’s move on!


| The Ambiance


After arriving to Makuhari the first thing I saw was this huge robot figure from the game “Border Brake”! The size of it was quite big since it was the life sized figure of the robot. Even though it wasn’t as big as the one at Tokyo big site, still the impact was great!


And if you take a look on your right side, you’ll see other games that are about to be released! In this case the game that was announced outside was  “Fallout 76”!


After lining up for 40 minutes or so for entering the event hall I was finally able to enter the event hall which was super amazing! Here’s the photo of the entrance (above)!

Since the event was packed with a whole bunch of people, inside the Hall was super crowded which made me remember of Comiket! This is a photo I took while I was taking the escalator and wow just by looking at this photo makes me excited! 


| The Schedule


・10:30 Arrive to the event hall
・10:30~12:30 Exhibit Hall 9~11
・12:30~13:00 Lunch Break
・13:00~16:00 Exhibit Hall 1~8


Okay so the fist place I visited when I arrived to the event hall was the indie games and the VR section! In this section there were a whole bunch of up coming VR games and in the same hall there were these outstanding indie games! I tried them out myself and they were pretty good! There were countless amount of games in the indie section and I can say that there will be many fun games that will come up soon on our phones and computers!


After taking a walk around the exhibit hall 9 through 11, I went to the event hall for a lunch break…..and my vicinity was just more crowded than I was in the exhibition hall! (well it’s an live event hall) The hall was filled with occupied seats and it was difficult to find one that was vacant! Even though the seats were all filled up, the food was fantastic there but with one point, they’re kinda expensive. Well if you’re at an event, you really can’t expect cheap food so if you think in that point of view then the price is quite reasonable. But the taste was amazing! 




Now that I was full and ready for my next tour, I went to the exhibit hall 1~8! In this section there were many famous game companies that I think you guys would like to really check out for yourselves! And yes, they were past amazing! Event though I didn’t had the chance of trying out the games in this section, I was completely overwhelmed! I’ll be writing about each section on the next article so if you are interested in that, then please come check it out!

| In conclusion!

This was certainly one of the best events that I have attended this year and yes I had a great time! Oh, and for your information, this year was more crowded than last years event! So I guess that this years GTS was a success both for the companies and for the audiences! I’m totally looking forward for next years TGS and I hope that it’ll be just as great as this years event!
Now, I’ll be writing a few more articles about the event with more information containing each hall information and games that are soon to come up! If you are interested, then please come check it out! Okay then, I’ll be seeing you on my next article! See ya!

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