Introducing Illustrator Vol.20 “SWAV”

Hey guys Nazuna here!! Sorry it’s been a while after my last post but don’t worry, I’ll be bringing you back these info again!
For today’s illustrator, I’m here with one of the best artist of SF genre “SWAV”!! If you’re a big fan of SF, then I’m guessing that you’ll totally enjoy this!! Are you ready? Okay then, let’s go!!

| Art Gallery

Cool!! I want to try this weapon out as well!!

This sword looks like the one from Neir Automata…..which is definitely cool!!

STAR-15 from Dolls Front Line!! This is really cute!!


| How was it??

For more information about “SWAV”, come check here on Twitter!!!→(@_SWAV_)
I’ll see you again next week with another illustrator to introduce!! See ya!!

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