Ikebukuro Halloween 2018!!


Thumbnail photo by a photographer “Ketaro” (@ketaro_ovn ) cosplayer “Sakurai” (@lapinAngelia )

| Halloween is LIT here in Japan as well!!

Hey guys how’s everything going around you?? Is everything getting spooked up for Halloween?? Well here in Japan, it’s somewhat different especially in Ikebukuro…..there’s…..there’s soooo many cute cosplayers here and I had a heck of the time being there! Today, I’m here to bring you the atmosphere and some pictures(tweets) about Ikebukuro Halloween!
Enjoy the atmosphere and the tweets that are here! But before we start, let me just say that this event was awesome and there were more things that I’d love to introduce here but I’m going to keep that enjoyment for you!! If you check each tweets, there will be the link to each cosplayer so if you found someone cute and want to check more cosplays out then go ahead and check their tweets out! Okay then, let’s move on to the cosplay gallery shall we!!


| Cosplay Gallery


As a FGO fan, this cosplay of Jeanne d’Arc alter was awesome!!



Hijiri Yagumo with the cosplay of Carmela!! I wrote an article of her before and in that article she was as stunning as she is in this tweet! I’ll leave the link below so go check her out!!

Introducing Japanese Cosplayer Vol.9 “Hijiri Yagumo”


Hatsune Miku will always and forever be our idol!!




This is a tweet by a photographer of “Yami”!! Her link is in the tweet itself but I’ll leave it here as well just to make things easier!!(@chanbaekkailu1) Don’t you think she’s cute??



As the trend of Bowset and Tresa is going on here, this was one of the great cosplays in that event!



A cosplay of Remu is always the best choice because she is one of the cutest characters in anime history!! Awesome!!

|How was it??

I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I did!! This event was totally awesome since there were so many cosplayers around and the vibes were great!! Did you found someone you like? If not, then go to Twitter and search for “#池ハロ2018” for more of these cosplayers who attended the event! Okay then, I’ll see you again on my other articles!! See ya!!
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