Introducing cosplayer Vol.23 “Nayu”


Thumbnail image from @nayupettan

Gather up FGO fans! Here’s another cosplayer who mainly specializes on becoming a FGO character! If you want to take a glance at what kind of servant she can become, then this is the place where you can start. So buckle up and come enjoy the ride!


| Its time to get ready for this week!


Now now now, a new week has just started and some of you may be feeling devastated. But there’s nothing to worry about it! Nazuna has brought you a new cosplayer so that you can charge your energy for this week! Alright then Nazuna, take it from here!

Alright! Is everybody excited for Nayu’s awesome cosplay pics? I’ve already checked out few of her pictures and I was just blown away! I’m sure you are going to love this!


| Cosplay Gallery

This is one of the best cosplays of Jeanne! I’m already a fan now!





Its already Christmas!! I still remember when this came out last Christmas!



| Other cosplays!


A cosplay of Mika well done by her!! She really does nails the character well!




Now to be honest, this is my favorite cosplay from Halloween….I can really feel the horror up my skin!


| Did you enjoy it??

This is one of the best cosplays that can exist and with these specific details in the background should be one of the points that everybody should admire! Well, how was it for you Nazuna?

I totally enjoyed this! Especially the last one! FGO characters are great but I was also surprised on how the last Halloween cosplay! I’m sure that I have become a fan of her!^^

If you found Nayu’s cosplay awesome and want to check out more of her cosplays, then fell free to go check her account on Twitter!@nayupettan
Thanks for checking this out and I’ll see you on my next article!! See ya!!


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