Introducing cosplayer Vol.24 “Nemu”


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Here’s another FGO cosplayer with some awesome taste! Nemu is one of the cosplayers where she really considers having a great background image in here art works and this is one thing a lot of fans admire her about! Great cosplay with great background, who wouldn’t want to check her cosplays out! Take it from here Nazuna!

|Cosplay Gallery
Now would you look at that! All of them are so cute!
Oh I’d love to join Musashi drinking tea in the afternoon!
Maybe this is one of the most cutest Anastasia cosplay I’ve ever seen…..the definition of beauty is here!!
Oh this is the one from the first post!! I like it how the atmosphere is so bright it lightens up my heart as well!!

Ahh one of my favorite servant in FGO….last years event was awesome when I come to think of it!!
One of my favorite servant who I take to every quest!! Hokusai will always be in my top list!!

| That’s all for today!!

Now that’ll be all for today’s cosplayer! With this much potential and cuteness, Nemu sooner or later become the idol of the cosplay world! How do you think Nazuna?? 

It was great seeing every servant come back to life and I really appreciate Nemu for doing an awesome cosplay of each character she has done! Do you want to see more of her cosplays?? Then go check out her Twitter for more!
Thanks for reading and I’ll see you on my next article!! See ya!!

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